Motorcycle Insurance

What is it?

Motorcycle insurance provides financial protection if your motorcycle is involved in an accident, or is damaged or stolen. Motorcycle insurance includes liability coverage in case you are responsible for another person's injuries or property damage.

Why you need it

  • You own and operate a motorcycle
  • You want financial coverage to repair or replace your motorcycle if you are involved in an accident or collision
  • You want liability coverage in case you are sued for causing personal injury to another person, or damage to another person’s property while operating your motorcycle

What you need to know

Like any automobile, motorcycle insurance is mandatory. You must insure and register your motorcycle with your appropriate local authority before you are allowed to take it on the road.

The type of motorcycle insurance you need depends on:

  • The type of motorcycle you own
  • When and where you will use your motorcycle
  • Who will be driving your motorcycle

The friendly insurance brokers at Johnson Agencies (1973) Ltd are always ready to help you find the perfect motorcycle insurance coverage for your needs. When you call us, you get insurance experts that will work hard to create a custom policy to fit you specific needs. We will provide you with free competitive insurance quotes so you can see that you’re getting great coverage at a great price possible.

Insurance is what we do best, so call us anytime and get us working on your motorcycle insurance package. We can provide insurance for cruisers, three-wheelers, touring bikes, scooters and even mopeds.


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