What is overland water protection

This coverage is the first of its kind in Canada and provides protection for loss or damages related to water entering your property from the sudden accumulation of water after heavy rains, spring run-off or overflow of lakes and rivers.
Overland water protection is available for all property types where sewer back-up coverage is available.

Why add overland water protection?

Weather patterns are changing worldwide. According to Environment Canada, our climate has gotten warmer and wetter over the past 60 years and Canadians now experience an additional 20 days of rain each year. Severe weather events that used to occur every 40 years can now be expected to occur every six years. Major floods represent nearly 40% of all natural disasters recorded in Canada.
Damage from storms, spring thaw and other fresh water flooding is happening everywhere. As the occurrence and severity of these major weather events increases, it has become more important than ever to ensure that you are protected against potential losses. 

Update to sewer back-up coverage

The wording of sewer back-up coverage has been updated to make it clear that it only covers damage caused by water coming into your property from a sewer, septic system or sump pump. **Please review your coverage limits** Often the limit can be increased for an additional premium.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is overland water protection available to everyone?
It is available to the majority of customers. However, those located in areas that are highly prone to overland flooding will not be eligible.
How can I tell if I’m eligible for coverage?
Contact our office 780-986-3429 to determine whether or not your property is eligible.
What’s the difference between “overland water” and a “flood”?
“Overland water” is fresh water from rivers and lakes, or water suddenly accumulating from heavy rainfall or spring thaw (this is covered). “Flood” refers to coastal flooding from salt water, such as from tsunamis and tidal waves (this is not covered).
Besides salt water flooding, is anything else not covered?
Intentional breaches of man-made structures such as dams, dikes and levees are not covered (in addition to usual policy exclusions).
I’m not up for renewal for several months, but can I add this coverage now?
Contact one of our agents at 780-986-3429 to determine if you're eligible to add this coverage right now.

Can I buy overland water protection without sewer back-up coverage?
No, sewer back-up coverage must be in place when you buy overland water protection as the two are designed to work together. You can buy sewer back-up coverage alone – but remember there is no sewer back-up coverage if overland water has entered your home.
Does a deductible apply to overland water coverage?
Yes, overland water has its own deductible that’s separate from the overall deductible for your policy. You can choose the amount that’s right for you.
What can I do to lower my overland water premium?
You can choose a higher deductible for overland water.

*Certain terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions apply. Coverage availability is subject to carrier. Please contact Johnson Agenices at 780-986-3429 for more information. 

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